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The Canny Robby Candy Rainbow FunShooter
shooter insane7942 plays • 2021-05-22


HEY BOIS! back again with another game! this took me 60 minutes to make! No hard at all! It was really easy! it took about 20 minutes to get the assets and 40 minutes to make and Correct mistakes and stuff Ah yes shout out of the day Todays Shout out goes to!!!!!!!! @Nols !!!!!!!! his birthday was 2 days back or 1 but hey! It was his birthday! and plus he a Employee So his day will be celebrated for 3+ days!!! I need everyone to Spam HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOLS on this game! So he see's this!!! thats all for today! Remember to Wish nols a happy BIRTHDAY! alright bye! :)

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