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Group House 🏡
playground medium855 plays • 2021-03-26


Hi guys Here is another playground that I made this is a house for my group @PuppyQueenlll 💖 @Puppysisprestonari @Gatcha_Pup or @GatchagirlXD and @BunnyXD Also me hehe The Cyan & Purple is mine and PuppyQueen (don’t ask why hehe 🙃) Pink & cyan is Bunny’s room And The purple & Dark blue is Ari’s and Gatcha’s room @Satchmosax @Per @Mattias @Johan pls play and feature this if it’s good enough this took me 4 hours to make lol And @Satchmosax @Per when can we play for a video I wanna make? Tysm for 2k followers lol and yea here is a game I made for it :D

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