-Hiber Towers- Tower of Soaring Impossibility - Area 1 SC - HiberWorld

-Hiber Towers- Tower of Soaring Impossibility - Area 1 SC
platformer insane243 plays • 2021-03-03


Difficulty: High Cyan (SC) Reason: I think you already know why. The ultimate test. Only Hiber’s best parkourists have a chance of beating this tower. 9 floors of punishing torment. Two difficulty spikes. Two super-long outside sections. And ENDLESS WRAPAROUNDS. You will never beat this. TURN BACK NOW. Difficulty Chart System: —The red crystal is the tower’s official difficulty. —The green crystal is the average community rating. —The blue crystal is what the developer thinks the tower should be rated. WARNING: THIS IS A SOUL-CRUSHING TOWER. IT WILL MOST CERTAINLY LAG OR FREEZE ON MOBILE, AND WILL MOST CERTAINLY BE NEAR-IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIBER’S LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY. TURN BACK. I WARNED YOU.

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Time: 14:840s

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