Luminous Fight "Outer Space 2021" --Neon Warfare SE-- - HiberWorld

Luminous Fight "Outer Space 2021" --Neon Warfare SE--
shooter insane8540 plays • 2021-02-17


You're Stranded On Another Island After Fight For The Neon Container Hidden Amongst Them. But Now You Have A New Challenge. Put The Neon Into This Island To Luminate The Entire Island. However Your Enemies Somehow Came Back For Revenge. And They Want The Neon Back After You Destroyed Their Island. Will You Stand The Chance? And Complete The Challenge? Patch Notes: CͨoͦrͬRͬUͧРⷬᴛⷮeͤDͩ Uͧрⷬdͩaͣᴛⷮeͤ (Update 12) Thanks For Playing! Unfortunately, This Is The End. Hope We See Each Other Again! This Game Is Now Discontinued. Sorry! Bugs: 3 A5: TP Particles Dissapear After A Short Amount Of Time. *A9: Engine Glitch: Objects Around You Lose Their Properties For A Split Second. A10: Teleporter Touches Another One And They Teleport Themselves.

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