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My Store
playground medium337 plays • 2021-02-17


Hi guys! Its me with another game! Today ( Or should I say tonight because its 10:24 at night when I published this), I have a store! Also, I put a secret teleporter in the store so If u find it, like the comment I made about it below! I made this for a store build battle with my little sister @LilyIsSilly ! So shout out to her @LilyIsSilly ! Yay! Now, additional shout outs to @IceCat23 , @FancyBuildsyt , @Lizzy_hibe_girl , @Bluexbeast , @Darkknight23 , @Darkxbeast , and @hey_guys ! I hope u enjoy my game so plz like and comment! And (If u didn't notice), I'm back in HiberWorld! Yay! Hi to everyone and all my dear friends!

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