6 FEET - HiberWorld

playground medium10 plays • 2021-01-23


I want everything there is to have, don't say I'm wrong I've been through the worst and yet I'm still here, standing strong Step into my mind, you'll last two seconds then you're gone Demons in my penthouse know the words to all my songs Sing along if you feel it, hey Fill it up then sip it, hey I still got my vision, hey FcK it, I'll go missing, yeah yeah This is the sickest game Brand-new cold devision, hey Twisted and efficient, hey Screaming helps the crippling pain I can't be giving advice, ay Bottle your hatred inside, yeah Loose yourself when you get high, ooh I do that shittt all the time, ay I told my lover goodbye, yeah Sometimes, I hope that she dies, yeah I got no tears left to cry, yeah I'm really gonna blow this time like, ay

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