Lights - HiberWorld

playground medium3 plays • 2021-01-22


I’m the last man standing, don’t believe it, look around Jump back on my shitttttttttt, I’m like a zombie out the ground Still the same old Man , just in front of bigger crowds Demons in my penthouse, they got killed when I moved out Shut the Fckup, I’ve been killing shittttt Evil shitttt been missing, yeah Lethal resurrection, yeah Cannot change my vision, yeah, yeah Come on I’ll show you, uh All of my fans, I owe you one Got me out the hole I dug LXRDFAM, you know what’s up, it’s alright Took some time away and this shitttt bringing back my foresight Energy I crave, it’s my place, I’m the raw type Stay in my lane when I race, beat the lap time I don’t give a FcKabout the next man, this is my life

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