The BIG Golden house - HiberWorld

The BIG Golden house
platformer hard302 plays • 2021-01-04


Hello everyone I’m here with a new map Shoutout to @KaitlynFlames708 for helping me make gold!


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5 Comments (so far)
Gigikinder123 Jan 4, 2021, 18:50

“Ok” well I’m sorry I was doing something much more important

Gigikinder123 Jan 4, 2021, 18:38

FinE but ur not playing right now

Lucas_gamingYT Jan 4, 2021, 18:39Creator

Because you weren’t there yet

Gigikinder123 Jan 4, 2021, 02:00

How are we suppose to pass the lava part when u jump u land on lava so answer my question

Lucas_gamingYT Jan 4, 2021, 13:27Creator

Then join me