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Moondream21’s tea shop
playground medium118 plays • 2020-12-15


@Moonwolfpack2020 @RainbowXD its me epic I want to make my own tea shop soo.... this is my tea shop You can be the : maid, worker, boss or security In the menu: fresh cookies, good tea, nice warm hot coco, fresh coffee, Starbucks and shake and only cost them 5$ which is cheaper :) there are rules in the shop 1. Don’t stand in tables 2. Don’t be mean in this game 3. Don’t eat all cookies because there are 100000000 of them And last but not least 4. NO BULLYING OR ELSE MOON WILL GET A 🔫 TO PEW EVERY BULLYING PEOPLE Now enjoy And I will be back in business when I’m done class UwU bye!

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