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Christmas Fun Place

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Published on: Dec 3, 2020, 19:51

Hi guys I, back with a playground this took me like 3 days and yea hopefully you guys enjoy it and That this kind of to early for Christmas but who cares am I right lol XD Anyways thxs everyone for ur support yo me and here’s this week shoutouts (Btw I’m going to start saying weekly shoutouts only 3) @Elitegamer @icequeen123 And @JoseRata :D

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[Elite]gamer Dec 3, 2020, 20:19

Amazing creativity keep it up No what did I say stop making good games u r going to pass me in followers...

ImThePro Dec 3, 2020, 20:30Creator

Thxs but u got a shoutout idk why it doesn’t let me put ur name

[Elite]gamer Dec 3, 2020, 20:31

Bracket don’t work

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Cute_Girl_Lol Dec 12, 2020, 21:26

O M G bff you have the best games how?

Carlos_Is_King395 Dec 12, 2020, 00:57

Good morning ☀️😃🌞

Carlos_Is_King395 Dec 12, 2020, 00:55

This game was awesome Can you make more and keep up the good work friend

Kennygamer Dec 11, 2020, 00:31

@icequeen123 knows how to do something amazing

ImThePro Dec 11, 2020, 14:46Creator

@Kennygamer Bruh idc and she my gf dude like I don’t have anything against her and I won’t say anything back to u it’s not my prob u didn’t like it

Kennygamer Dec 11, 2020, 00:31

@ImThePro that is trash

icequeen123 Dec 11, 2020, 16:18

@Kennygamer not trying to be me but if you don't like my bf game then don't say anything

Kennygamer Dec 11, 2020, 00:30

It is not a fun place it’s just a Christmas place 👎👎👎👎

Sarahb4321 Dec 6, 2020, 21:44

I like it . It is amazing 😻

LostSky Dec 5, 2020, 23:23

Welcome, And Welcome To The Pinky-Cast

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