Darkness is life and death - HiberWorld

Darkness is life and death
playground hard7 plays • 2020-11-02


You wake up in a dark place with not much light and you can’t see much, you start to see more as your eyes are getting used to the dark now, you walk around and look for more people but it’s just you. You are getting hungry so you looked around and find a rabbit 🐇 and cook it for food you look for water but no water is in sight but it starts to rain and you can drink it up now. Since you are full you look for shelter finding a dim cave to sleep in,all you have is a bag full of ... a water jug, first-ad kit, swis army knife and a sleeping bag, you want to use as least as possible to survive the dark and evil that is in the woods. Pls keep one or to people who are the evil insane people who are in the dark woods- -Jay

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