About HiberWorld

Welcome to HiberWorld, the browser-based game creation and social platform that lets everyone design their own games without the need to code. There are always new games being built by the community, so start playing and then get creating!

HiberWorld is free-to-play and can be played on pretty much any of the 1.4 billion devices with a web browser, including mobile phones, tablets and PC/MACs.

We quietly released a beta of HiberWorld in the beginning of 2019 and we’ve grown quickly, with tens of thousands of early adopters playing HiberWorld each month. But this is just the beginning!

Here are some of the many features we currently have in development:

  • Multi-play - play games together with your friends
  • Social - chat with friends
  • Personalization - choose outfits, gear and animations for your avatar
  • Game Kits – we’re building kits that have core functionality for Platformers, RPGs, Racing Games, Adventure, Action and even FPS – they’re all coming just as fast as we can build them

If you have ideas about how to make HiberWorld even better we’d love to hear from you!

There are several ways to get in touch:

Reach out over Discord

Via email at: hello@hiberworld.com

Or hit us up on Twitter: @hiberofficial

The HiberWorld Team